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IMSI Fertility Treatment


Iswarya IVF Center will let your dream of becoming a parent come true with Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI) program. This procedure is essentially an ICSI variation in which a high-powered microscope is used to pick the healthiest sperm. It enhances the chances of even more of a successful pregnancy when compared to ICSI.

It is important to check with the shape of sperm with thorough detail as it helps in the process of pregnancy quite significantly. This will reduce the chances of miscarriage and it has been seen that selecting a better-shaped sperm has resulted in excellent pregnancy results. So, contact Iswarya IVF Center today and offer yourself the gift of parenthood with IMSI.

Our Service for IMSI Will Include:

  • In our IMSI treatment, we will be using a high power light microscope. It will magnify the picture of the sperm 6000 times.
  • This will give a better idea to the embryologist and help them detect healthy sperm which has more subtle structural alterations that are not detectable in a normal microscope.
  • After this, sperm with normal shaped nuclei are selected for further process.
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