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Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Fertility Treatment


Iswarya IVF Center is here to help you with another result-oriented treatment of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). This is basically a process where our experts will be collecting sperms and then get that deposited in a woman’s uterus. This procedure yielded great outcomes and assisted a large number of people in becoming parents.

There is no discomfort attached to this methodology. This treatment has an excellent success rate and will certainly give you the best of experience in relishing the dream of parenthood. There are a number of different methods followed while providing this service like Natural cycle, Super Ovulation cycle, Clomid cycle, Donor Sperm, and Ovulation induction cycle.

Our Service for IUI Will Include:

  • This treatment will be initiated with the continuous monitoring of the ovulation cycle through a urine test, blood tests, and ultrasound.
  • If required, medication will also be tried to check the ovulation cycle.
  • After getting the ovulation cycle result, we will initiate with the process of collecting top quality semen.
  • With the use of speculum and catheter, we will transfer the sperm to the cervix.

So, this is a very simple process that can help you live your dream of moving into parenthood world. Just get connected and fix your appointment with us now! We will never let you down!

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